About us

Welcome to Mnxeba FM, the home of South African music in the UK. We play the songs with the greatest stories and the truest beats of the drums of South Africa. If you’re away from home, you can sit back, relax and listen to the best Zulu Blues to transport you back to your home. Or maybe you’re not from South Africa and you’d like to experience some of our rich culture and beautiful music.

Check out our music page to see what we’re playing at the moment. Our station runs seven days a week, so you won’t be kept waiting.

We are currently available on online radio, and you can download our Android app here. If you have an Android Smart TV, you’ll be able to find our app there too.

So sit back and let the rhythm of the Isginci take you away!

We’re coming to DAB! Once activated, we will be broadcasting in all areas of London. You can also listen through our interactive website: www.Mnxeba FM.co.uk